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插件介绍:Utilities for even more powerful web browsing. Search all open tabs, retrieve previously closed tabs, and make notes.


Utilities for even more powerful web browsing. Search all open tabs, retrieve previously closed tabs, and make notes. This is a beta version. More work on it soon.
Search Open Tabs
If you look at the navigation menu on the right side, then the first menu from the top is where you find the options to see all your open tabs. Just hover over that icon and then it will appear. You can also search your tabs (it will search the title and the URL). Clicking on a tab's title will make that tab the visible one.
Make Notes:
You can make simple notes (very similar to the way you made notes in the Presto based Opera) . The icon is the second from the top, just hover over it to see note interface come up on the left hand side. You can add notes.
Important: Whenever you either add a note or even edit it, make sure to click the 'save note' button, otherwise it will not be saved.

Also, while I encourage you to make notes, please do not put any super sensitive or critical info in the notes. It is not secure by any means, and if you uninstall the extension and then later install it back, your previous notes will not be there anymore. So try to use notes for info which is not super sensitive or critical.
Trash Can (closed tabs list)
You can get a list of your last 50 closed tabs. The third icon from the top gets you the 'Trash Can' which lists it. You can also search your closed tabs by entering the search terms in the search box. It will search it by title and URL.


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    2016年7月10日 - 版本 1.1
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    2016年4月11日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar zuernbernhard说:

    TIP: Define a keyboard Shortcut to Browse++

    Very helpful and time saving. Like Quicktabs for Chrome

    2016年1月13日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar 1234567890harris说:

    broser ini sangat memudahkan kami dalam mencari sekaligus mengaktifkannya

    2015年9月20日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar rajapcrock说:

    not bad....

    2015年8月5日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar gokturk说:

    Must add ''send to notes'' in right click menü.

    2015年6月8日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar zlarcondicionado说:

    muito boa

    2015年4月20日 - 版本 1.1
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    Util para Bajar datos incomodos cuando no se tiene impresora.

    2015年2月17日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar opsik244说:
    легкий заработок для всех

    2015年2月12日 - 版本 1.1
  • Avatar julesclarin说:

    It's simple. And works just the way I want to. It may not be feature packed but it does what I want it to do.

    2015年2月12日 - 版本 1.1