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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:31

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插件介绍:Less ads, more choice


Less ads - more choice!

Adlesse replaces animated banners with useful widgets of your choice. Follow your twitter&facebook friends, see weather forecasts and interesting news instead of watching the ads!

Adlesse substitutes the annoying banners for useful widgets of the same size.

Currently, you can substitute ads for several types of info-boxes: actual weather and forecast for your region, local news headlines, interesting facts, famous quotes, your Twitter and Facebook feeds and interesting links shared by your friends.

Also it fills ad space with latest tweets from your friends on your Facebook page and results from Bing, Wiki and Twitter on the Google search page.

Unlike other ad filters (such as Adblock) Adlesse doesn't prevent the ads from being loaded, but hides them. With only one click you can see the ad hidden under any particular widget. It protects you from losing access to the important parts of the page (such as flash games) by mistake. Also unlike AdBlock Adlesse doesn't block non-intrusive text ads (such as text AdChoices by Google) that most people find helpful.


  • Avatar extguru2说:

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    We would also like to note that our system does not interfere with other systems of monetization, you can plug in our program as an additional method to generate an income. If you have any other extensions, we can discuss.
    We look forward to collaborating.

    Sincerely EXT.GURU team.

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    2016年8月31日 - 版本
  • Avatar anmyllya说:

    Basically it just don't work.
    Sometimes it seems to block something.
    Really no reason to use this.

    2014年5月16日 - 版本
  • Avatar nburgin说:

    @"freakingretard"(why the heck did you choose that username?!?!):

    That's why we need Flashblock on Opera. That's why I still use firefox, because it has a plugin that can block flash without blocking simple image-based banner ads. It can unblock flash for youtube videos or flash games you're actually intending to load with a single click, and can whitelist sites like Pandora, all the while keeping unscrupulous ad providers from wasting your system resources on gratuitous flash ads. If Opera had a direct equivalent to Flashblock I would have switched to opera a long time ago, as it stands I'm still stuck using Firefox for its excellent Flash Blocker add-on.

    2013年10月16日 - 版本
  • Avatar freakingretard说:

    I don't use Adlesse, but I thought I'd leave my thoughts on what "kawaiipikachu" says below.

    The notion of allowing some unintrusive advertisements to appear on web sites to help the hosts and developers defray their expenses is a very noble one that I support. However, the way they've historically opted to implement these ads is an offensive one.

    One of the biggest problems is Flash advertisements. At the very least, these unnecessarily burden your RAM and CPU. Sometimes they play full volume sound effects and voice recordings at you, out of nowhere, on an otherwise silent web site. Occasionally, they exploit vulnerabilities to install malware.

    If they're not abusing Flash to deliver inappropriate content, they're often lying to easily-deceived users about "problems" their computer is having, to trick them into horrible software, or they're informing you that you've won a contest you haven't. If they're not doing those things, they're doing something else shady or just plain annoying.

    "Tell the user what's good about our product, either in a picture or some text, and maybe they'll click here and buy it" is dead or dying.

    Another benefit of some ad blockers (though I prefer Ghostery) is to disable every site you visit from knowing your Google or Twitter account, or your real name on Facebook. (This has the benefit of also preventing them from providing you with one-click "accidentally tell everyone you know about some dumb site you were at" features.)

    TL;DR: Web advertising companies dug their own graves a long time ago, and I don't know if it's possible for them to ever deserve our trust again.

    Opera will hopefully hurry up and get us 12.50 which should have proper whitelisting support, for sites that deserve our support. Until then, at least there are some sites that refuse to function if you're blocking their ad servers.

    2012年10月13日 - 版本 1.1.3
  • Avatar amlouden说:

    Works great and makes browsing the Internet more fun, despite what the greedy troll kawaiipikachu has to say about all the ad blocking extensions! I guess they like to be burdened with ads that no one wants to buy.

    2012年9月5日 - 版本 1.1.3
  • Avatar kawaiipikachu说:

    This sucks as it takes away proceeds from all these pay per view ads.

    2012年8月18日 - 版本 1.1.3
  • Avatar tausync说:

    I like it. Thank you!

    2012年8月17日 - 版本 1.1.3
  • Avatar jsabarese说:

    I'm so very proud of this Developer for his or her ingenuity. Unlike 99.99% of developers who hack-- typically shoddily-- at this sort of gig, finally we have some one who does not care whether he or she might result in a “higest-score”, or rating as if “XYZ blocks the most ads, so it is the best”.

    No. This User/ developer is the archetype of what those aforementioned, /dime-a-dozen/ developers must aspire to understand-- oh, how I loathe the buzzwords-- but, to understand this notion of /forward-thinking/. The developer seeks not for his or her compatriots, as to follow-footsteps: instead, he or she acts as the genuine software developer; a human need is set in focus. Given the tools at his or her disposal, a human solution is developed whereby the resulting experience-- promising something new; not at all like sets-of-rules we've become so accustomed to hoarding, as our lazy-mens’ way... as... ahem... is a veritable compulsion, formed by so much expectation that /abdock-slup/ is “the way it goes”, for it's as we have for 10+ years. Had Leo Fender followed, perhaps we've have a quirky National Resonator; here, more like whats-his-name-from Macintosh, we wrap our head around it-- because we /know the technology/, but what's so much more exciting, we say: “Oh, yeah! Very cool. I'd never thought of doing it /that/ way. Now /this/ is something into which I gain a good feeling at the very thought I might invest more time; money; affectionate real estate into something new.”

    Indeed, I'd be little value as an author, had I not transformed what is real into something a bit beyond reality. The point is-- people who have foresight; the wherewithal to follow the insight of this developer are those who will begin to experience a better /Internet/. Ironically, perhaps, in general the very concept is a microcosm for the lifespan of /Opera/ itself, thus far. (i.e. oooh-eee! I can't wait to see which of the Fire-romium-kit racers are in the lead with some arbitrary numbers today, and I shall remain so focused thereby, I will let slep beyond my comprehension, the pioneering methodologies going on at Opera. Then, when Fire-romium-kit adopts some weakling, rip-off copy of the tech, I'll drop to my knees, genuflecting, as I involuntarily wet myself, for how wonderful are such brave-new accomplishments!”

    (hee hee... wow!, i guess i really needed expell /that/, as if to dash to the nearest toilet!{*1} to do relieve myself of an apparent... shall we say, inspired movement writ for tuba; requisite palling-around, to do a little nudge-nudge; tis-tisk; n’yuk, n’yuk-- at the expense of others. Shame on me. It's not in good form. To be true-- the only good of my greatly exaggerated text: congratulations, Adlesse Developer, for a job well done. Aww, shucks: I'm just so sick of seeking these pats-on-the-back, when the code's been written; the concept hashed in many forms; and [:sigh:], well, I hope I'm not alone in my sentiment; I hope i've further inspired this burgeoning hopeful, that he or she shall deliver a steady flow of likewise original thinking.)

    Best wishes.
    J. S.
    ( Author: NoviceNotes™ | Educator: ChordsAndScales.Info/talk/blog1.php )

    I believe it was John Lennon (or Paul McCartney) who, on first experiencing George Harrison's premier solo-album, he'd likened it, in some manner I shall not be so eloquent, but as to say “It was like he'd been holding it in for so long, it just flowed-out like diarrhea” (hmm... perhaps someone can educate me on that particular bit of /Beatle-mania/ history?) :wink:
    cheerio, folks.

    P.P.S. so glad, with Opera-Next, i can log-in, and remain logged-in, and actually interact here in the community. [for so long, it seemed some terrible problem with cookies? haha... cookies, and movements. yuck. farewell! ]

    2012年7月5日 - 版本 1.1.2
  • Avatar aleksod说:

    Great idea, but I am not sure if it is working in Opera. I still see ads on Facebook and other sites. After extension uninstallation and re-installation, I did not get any options page like during the first time run. Also, I can't install the extension from your site - Opera asks to open it either as .zip archive or install it as a widget, not an extension.

    2012年3月2日 - 版本 1.0.0
  • Avatar abhijeeeeeeet说:

    Nice extension !!!

    2012年3月2日 - 版本 1.0.0