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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:30

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插件介绍:Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.


Adguard AdBlocker effectively blocks all types of advertising on all web pages, even on Facebook, Youtube, and others!

What Adguard AdBlocker does:

1. Blocks all ads including:
- Video ads (including Youtube video ads)
- Rich media advertising like video ads, interstitial ads and floating ads
- Unwanted pop-ups
- Banners and text ads (including Facebook advertisements)
2. Speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth, thanks to the missing ads and pop up windows
3. Blocks many spyware, adware and dialer installers (optional)
4. Protects your privacy by blocking common third-party tracking systems (optional)
5. Protects you from malware and phishing (optional)

Why Adguard AdBlocker is better than Adblock or AdBlock Plus?

1. Adguard AdBlocker is really fast and lightweight. It uses half as much memory as other popular solutions: Adblock, Adblock Plus, and even outperform uBlock.
2. Adguard can handle Anti-AdBlock scripts. You won't have to turn off the AdBlocker anymore to be able to visit the websites that are using such scripts. Just send a complaint to our tech support and we'll handle it.
3. Adguard is simply better looking and modern.

How Adguard AdBlocker can protect your privacy?

Just enable "Spyware and tracking filter" in Adguard's settings. It completely removes all forms of tracking from the internet. Adguard has one of the largest tracker filter containing more than 5,000 rules. It is even larger than the databases Ghostery® and Disconnect have.

How to remove Social Media with Adguard?

Tired of all the «Like» buttons and similar widgets infesting all of your frequented web pages? Just enable Adguard's "Social media filter" and forget about them.

How Adguard AdBlocker can protect you from online threats?

At the moment we’ve got more than 1,800,000 harmful web sites on record. Adguard can block domains known to spread malware, protecting your computer against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spy- and adware. Adguard really lowers risk of virus infections and prohibits access to harmful websites to prevent potential attacks.


Full release notes:


What's new in version 2.3.8:
[Added] Annoyances filter

This filter blocks irritating elements on webpages, including cookie notices, third-party widgets and in-page popups (Doesn't include social media widgets and buttons, to block them you can still use Social media filter separately). It was inspired by Fanboy Annoyances List, but doesn't duplicate it, so you can use them both together.

[Added] New ad blocking "Assistant" UI
[Added] Assistant core code refactoring. We've reworked the whole Assistant module in order for it to be reused in other Adguard products. For instance, the same code is used in Adguard for iOS manual element blocking feature.
[Fixed] An issue with creating an invalid rule
[Added] Blocking WebSocket connections
[Changed] Code for chromium extension was massively refactored in order to port our extension to Microsoft Edge browser
[Changed] Adguard now stores filters using chromium storage API instead of the file system like we did earlier. This has finally resolved all compatibility issues we had with CCleaner
[Fixed] tabs become irresponsive after cancelling selector menu
[Changed] When both 'Blocked' and 'Whitelist' checkboxes are selected, the log should display Blocked+Whitelisted requests
[Fixed] Turn off caching for requests downloading filter updates
[Fixed] XMLDocument can be a valid HTML document
[Fixed] Enabling 'Use optimized filters' distorts filter count
[Fixed] Wrong preview is shown while blocking elements on
[Fixed] Wrong area selection shown on
[Fixed] $genericblock modifier does not work properly
[Fixed] Selector border position is wrong (below the actually selected element)

What's new in version 2.2.4:
* Fixed a compatibility issue with CCLeaner

What's new in version 2.2.3:
* "Block ads on this site" button now works as intended if several windows are opened
* "Selector" module code refactoring
* Fixed an issue with selector module creating an invalid filter rule

What's new in version 2.1.5:
+ An option to use "optimized" filters
+ Domain security check in a "private" way
+ Adguard now uses shadow DOM for CSS rules
+ Adguard now displays the actual number of the rules used by the extension
+ Added "Allow useful ads" item to the "thank you" page
+ Added $genericblock modifier support
+ Added $generichide modifier support
* $elemhide rules are now applied to "Documents" only
* $popup rules are now applied to "Documents" only
* Adguard now increments "blocked items" counter every time
* Refactored UI and background services communication
* Update copyrights to 2016 everywhere
* Fixed a bug with invalid rule constructed by "Block ad on this website" feature
* User filter is now loaded first (before other filters)

What's new in version 2.0.16:
+ Added Turkish filter
* Changed the way how elements are collapsed
* Fixed an issue with adding filter subscription when filters server is unavailable
* Fixed layout
* Updated embedded filters
* Updated translations

What's new in version 2.0.15:
* Added $font, $media and $other modifiers support
* Removed setTimeout calls

What's new in version 2.0.14:
* Added "Whitelist" filter to Filtering Log
* Fixed an issue with $object-subrequest modifier in Chromium

What's new in version 2.0.13:
* Fixed an issue with pages blocked by "Browsing Security" in Incognito mode.
* Fixed a bug with Browsing Security in "Inverted Whitelist" mode.
* Some minor improvements and code refactoring

What's new in version 2.0.12:
+ Important changes in ad filters usage statistics collection
+ Adguard add-on now respects private/incognito mode and does not collect filters usage stats for such tabs
+ Added links support
+ Added French language
+ Added Italian language
+ Added Indonesian language
+ Added Spanish language
+ Added Slovakian language
* Fixed abp:subscribe links
* Removed Send complaint link from blank pages
* Some minor fixes

What's new in version 2.0.9:
+ Added inverted whitelist feature
+ Added Korean language
+ Added Serbian language
+ Added Chinese language
* Fixed object-subrequest modifier work
* Fixed some minor bugs

What's new in version 2.0.7:
+ Added abp:subscribe urls support
+ Added pixel-perfect icons
+ Added Turkish language
+ Added Portuguese language
+ Added Polish language
* Fixed a bug with non-ascii symbols in user filter and whitelist
* Fixed a bug with detecting tab when link was opening a new window
* Fixed an issue with flashing blocked images in Chrome-based browsers
* Some minor optimizations, removed redundant code

What's new in version 2.0.4:
+ Significantly improved performance and memory usage
+ New Filtering Log. Now it is much more than a list of requests processed by Adguard – this is a full-fledged filter development tool. With the help of the Filtering Log you will be able to analyze what requests are blocked or allowed by Adguard. Analysis is not the only task of the Filtering Log, just a couple of clicks and you can block or unlock any request.
+ “Pause protection” function
+ Adguard goes Open Source. Source code is published under the terms of GNU Lesser General Public License.

What's new in version
+ Improved integration with Adguard for Windows and for Mac
+ Added support of regexp-rules
* Improved filtering speed
* Fixed several minor bugs

What's new in version
* Optimized ad filters processing
* Fixed bugs with blocking page elements
* Minor bugfixes
* Minor UI fixes

What's new in version
+ Added capability to use known ABP filter subscriptions.

What's new in version
* Added context menu
* Fixed manual blocking of flash objects

What's new in version
* We have done code refactoring, part of it is now used in Adguard for Firefox
* Fixed the work of Exception rules for Elements hiding
* Fixed the display of notifications about automatically activated filters on
* Fixed some integration bugs with Adguard for Windows
* Fixed a bug with tracking ad filters statistics

What's new in version
+ We have reduced memory usage even more
+ Extension now uses secured connections to communicate with our servers
+ Added option "Send statistics for ad filters usage"
+ Added "Reset statistics" button
+ Added Export/Import of the whitelist
+ Minor UI changes

What's new in version
* Minor bugfixes

What's new in version
+ Added integration with Adguard for PC

What's new in version
+ Improved filtration speed

What's new in version
+ Added german language
+ Added ukrainian language

What's new in version
+ Log added
+ Filtering bugs fixed
+ Stabilized extension work
+ Improved the code to support more browsers
+ Sites in the whitelist are not blocked by Browsing Security


In addition to browser extensions, there is also an Adguard version for Windows.
You can download it on the website

How does it differ from the browser extension:
+ Blocks ads in all browsers.
+ Blocks ads even better (although it would seem that it just couldn’t be even more better :)).
+ Blocks requests to dangerous sites, instead of just warning about them.
+ Contains Parental Control module. When it is enabled, you can safely leave your children alone with the internet.
+ Allows you to install extensions (userscripts) - Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey analogue for all browsers.
+ Integrated with the Web of Trust (WOT, With us, you will be assured of reliability of the websites that you are visiting.


Free and Open Source:


Found a bug? Have a problem and need help? Visit our forum:


  • Avatar jemcrystal说:


    2016年9月10日 - 版本 2.4.10
  • Avatar lixuequan说:

    very good! Thks

    2016年9月9日 - 版本 2.4.10
  • Avatar maskorx说:

    Much better then AdBlocker.

    2016年9月6日 - 版本 2.4.10
  • Avatar izzzi说:

    Very good

    2016年8月25日 - 版本 2.3.8
  • Avatar swentz101说:

    Great app that puts the user back in control and the advertiser back on the bench where it belongs... The user can easily allow ads on certain websites for the necessary purpose of having them paid for and on all other sites the user can block intrusive and annoying and task slowing ads! Thank you so much!

    2016年7月31日 - 版本 2.3.8
  • Avatar andreyturbo说:

    Muito bom

    2016年7月27日 - 版本 2.3.8
  • Avatar sunyson说:


    2016年7月21日 - 版本 2.3.8
  • Avatar ledgabriel说:

    Best one I've seen. Can block most (not all) pop-ups that others can't. Easy to customize. Better than the 'fast' one because it can't block pop-ups.

    2016年7月19日 - 版本 2.3.8
  • Avatar janisstrombergs说:


    2016年7月3日 - 版本 2.3.8
  • Avatar soheil777说:

    very well work
    please fix option that we can send to you sites report. many sites are your software skipped many ads and we most add manually this ads. if we can report you can add this site to your filters. or cerate option that use of our manually filters.
    your soft ware have 1 problem
    in some sites they use different ads in the main page and the other page. and when we add manually some ads in 1 page your soft ware can not Recognize in the other page . please give me 5 min and own see for example this site:

    see his page:

    when you add manually ads in this page soft ware most recognize automatic in the other page in this site but it can not. you block and now open this page for exemple:

    you can see your software only block ads in upper page and down ads are Still remain
    please add Persian ads filter like
    AdBlocker Ultimate. & we can help you o update this filter
    if you solve it this problem you will the best soft ware

    2016年7月1日 - 版本 2.3.8