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更新时间:2016-12-02 11:49:30

官方地址: opera插件中心

插件介绍:Free and improved AdBlocker. Completely remove ALL ads. No "acceptable" ads or whitelisted advertisers, block tracking and malware!


AdBlocker Ultimate is designed with a single purpose in mind to remove all ads and focus your attention on the content you want.

- Remove all ads
- Block malware and tracking
- Improve browser performance
- No "acceptable" ads or whitelisted websites/ad networks

AdBlocker Ultimate is a free extension that blocks ads and malicious domains known to spread malware, disables tracking. We have included a few extensive filters that offer decent protection against annoying, flashy ads, YouTube commercials, and more. Unlike other adblockers we do not have a whitelist for websites, advertisers or ad networks to show you unwanted ads. Blocking ads will speed up your website load speed, decrease CPU and memory usage.

Our extension allows you to switch back on ads for your favorite websites in case you know there are no intrusive and/or misleading advertising there.

*** Types of ads we block ***
- Text ads
- Banner ads
- Pop-up ads
- Pop-under ads
- Overlay ads
- Interstitial page ads
- Video ads
- Webmail ads
- Facebook ads

*** Benefits of ad blocking ***
- Improve browser speed
- Improve page load speed
- Decrease memory usage of pages you visit
- Decrease bandwidth

*** What's new in version 2.18? ***
- Added: Achievements
- Fixed: Some minor bugs

*** Open Source ***

AdBlocker Ultimate is an open source project:

*** Found a bug? ***

Use the Report a Problem form:


  • Avatar francomex156说:

    El mejor bloqueador de anuncios que e probado (hasta el momento)

    2016年8月24日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar nufftali说:

    This is a must-have. Excellent performance.

    2016年8月16日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar anacrotetheplanar说:

    best ad and pop up blocker i have ever used. must have

    2016年7月20日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar papai0007说:

    Pretty good. I demand a service to block you-tube pop ups

    2016年7月16日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar metolga说:

    must have it.... works great, thanks...

    2016年7月10日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar baaliefiy说:

    I have had many adblockers installed but all had one problem in common, they never stopped popup adds. I've only been using adblock ultimate for a short time, but from the moment I installed it, it stopped all the popups from the sites that other adblockers didn't. I would fully recommend it.

    2016年7月4日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar soheil777说:

    nice work
    please update Persian ads filter
    please create option that we can send you sites report. Like As Adguard

    many sites are your software skipped many ads and we most add manually this ads. if we can report you can add this site to your filters. or create option that you can use of our manually filters.

    2016年7月1日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar nokturrduk84说:

    Best adblocker!

    2016年6月14日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar donslibi说:

    Great to find this plugin since I have now moved to Opera/Opera Mini on all my devices. Lightweight, efficient plugin that blocks all ads and can be controlled by site :)

    2016年5月14日 - 版本 2.23
  • Avatar thatguythree说:

    It's better and more user-friendly than the other guy. Thank you, Ultimate!!!

    2016年4月22日 - 版本 2.23