IRI Climate and Society Map Room

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语言支持: Bahasa Indonesia,English,Franu00e7ais,espau00f1ol,u0440u0443u0441u0441u043au0438u0439,

插件介绍:A collection of maps and other figures that monitor climate and societal impacts at present and in the recent past.

详细介绍:The climate and society map room is a collection of interactive maps and other figures that monitor climate and societal conditions at present and in the recent past. A number of the map tools are designed to serve climate-sensitive sectors, providing data for decision makers. There are, for example, interactive tools tailored to the needs of the public health and food security communities, facilitating the use of climate information in their decision-making and planning operations. The maps and figures can be manipulated and are linked to the original data. Results can be easily shared, and the original data downloaded in a variety of formats. Even if you are primarily interested in data rather than interactive figures, this is a good place to see which datasets are particularly useful for monitoring current conditions.


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