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插件介绍:Daily game related content such as game reviews, videos, and more!

详细介绍:This is not your average video game site. We are a group of proud gamers, enthusiastic not only but modern video games, but the ancient ones of yesteryear. We are not a news site and we're more than just a review site, we are 8Bit.Tv. Our site is updated throughout the week from a handful of select authors(we're always looking for more), with weekly live streams of video games where you can interact with others in a live chat room!


   "app": {
      "launch": {
         "web_url": "http://8bit.tv/"
      "urls": [ "http://*.8bit.tv/" ]
   "description": "Daily game related content such as game reviews, videos, and more!",
   "icons": {
      "128": "128.png",
      "24": "24.png",
      "48": "48.png"
   "manifest_version": 2,
   "name": "8Bit.TV",
   "version": "1.0.7"


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