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插件介绍:The social network for work Already used in more than 100 countries, tibbr® brings people, files, business apps and actions all…

详细介绍:The social network for work Already used in more than 100 countries, tibbr® brings people, files, business apps and actions all together in one place, so work gets done faster. Having tibbr on your phone or tablet means never missing another important conversation just because you’re away from your desktop or out of the office. Intuitive, fun, powerful tibbr makes it easy to discover relevant info with just a couple swipes and taps. It’s like your own strategic assistant, keeping you in touch with what’s important and what’s going on. tibbr breaks down walls and silos between people, departments and geographies to make collaboration easier, more effective and more enjoyable. But tibbr’s strength runs much deeper than that. Business-strength social More than just a lightweight messaging app or a social layer slapped onto a CRM solution, tibbr is enterprise-grade stuff. tibbr integrates with your business apps (file sharing, expenses, etc.) so you can get real, actual work done faster, right from your device. Features: • Subjects, not just people With tibbr you can follow just the subjects (projects, discussions, teams) you care about, and filter out the static and unwanted information. If you don’t care what Chad ate for breakfast, why should it appear in your stream? • Integrates with business apps Imagine approving an expense report on your phone – or sharing a slide show, or keeping up with your procurement, customer support or sales force automation systems. Suddenly your line-of-business apps are all available in one convenient place where you can see, comment and act on whatever comes along. • Enterprise ready This is big-boy workplace social, built to meet the toughest security and compliance demands in the industry. Your private tibbr network can live either on premise behind your firewall, or in the same secure cloud that handles billions in global commerce daily. If your organization doesn’t yet have a tibbr account, you apply for a free trial at https://try.tibbr.com/tibbr/web/signup


"update_url": "https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx",

	  "name": "tibbr",
	  "version": "",
	  "icons": { "24": "App1.png", "128": "App2.png" },
	  "app": {
	    "launch": {
	      "web_url": "https://try.tibbr.com/tibbr/tibbr_app.html"
	  "permissions": [],
	  "options_page": "https://try.tibbr.com/tibbr/options.html",
	  "manifest_version": 2


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