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官方链接: https://empsense.ramco.com



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插件介绍:Sensor app for the team

详细介绍:A whole new way to power team engagement and check in. A sensor app that helps the team assess how they are feeling, how others are doing, get collective opinion and work towards great outcomes. We call it empsense the sensor app for rock star employees and teams. What can you do with empsense? Sign up at empsense.ramco.com, invite your team and • Have everyone check in / check out and share how has their day been so far? Doesn’t matter whether they are just coming to work or had a long day already. • Organize teams by location and get precise visibility. As they say, part of problem solving is to identify where the problem is. empsense does just that. Figure out if some teams are feeling down for whatever reason since as Sybil F. Stershic said, “The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel”. • Set up flash polls and get opinion. Just tap and people can weigh-in. Couldn’t be easier? All real time. Move over employee surveys. • Promote top posts to the entire team: Live and instant. • Start seeing how mood swings during the day, week, month. Discover significant correlations and you will get ideas on how to address situations and where. • Omni present as well. You can use empsense on the desktop, mobile and as a chrome app. Cover everyone in your organization and never miss an opportunity to connect. • Doubles up as a check in app to power your scheduling and payroll. • But overall it is just fun to use at work. See the excitement and feel the pulse of the team.


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  "manifest_version": 2,
  "name"        :"empsense",
  "description" :"Sensor app for the team",
  "version"     :"0.5.1",
  "app"         :{  "background": { "scripts" : ["js/background.js"] } },
  "permissions" :["http://*/", "https://*/","storage","gcm","background","notifications"],
  "icons"       :{
    "16": "logo_16px.png",
    "48": "logo_48px.png",
    "128": "logo_128px.png"
  "url_handlers": {
    "launch_app": {
      "matches": [
      "title": "Launch empsense chrome app"


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