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插件介绍:Test your memory. Click and expose pictures to match all identical pairs. The game trains memory and planning skills.

详细介绍:This game helps your child train their memory by exposing the pictures and matching them up consistently. The idea is to click on the different pictures and see if the player is able to remember which ones match with which pairs. This is a very beneficial game which not only trains your child’s memory, but also helps them sharpen up their planning skills. To have good planning skills is a key tool needed continuously throughout life, from when you are a child to growing up, maturing and working in your careers. It is a necessity which, the earlier it is developed within a person, the more effective it will become in later life. By clicking on certain pictures and matching them up, the child will create for themselves a method – a way of matching the pictures which only they will be able to identify and be satisfied with. This is how they will use their memory and create for themselves a plan of action. --- At Duckie Deck we provide smiles. So far, over 8 million toddlers and preschoolers played our educational games and smiled. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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