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插件介绍:ToDo Nothing is a App that lets you manage your tasks simple. The simple app allows you a quick overview of your tasks get.

详细介绍:============================ ****************** NOW FREE ***************** "TODO NOTHING" ON YOUR IPAD AND IPHONE ============================ Support: iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iOS 6, LTE ✔ Universal ToDo App ✔ Cloud connection ✔ Offline use ✔ Simple design ✔ Clean ✔ Simple using No unnecessary features or confusing settings. Easily create your task! Whether shopping list for the housewife or the customer deadlines. Young or old, with this app can handle any. You can use the app without an Internet connection or via the cloud to manage their tasks on all your iOS devices. With a pretty simple design, they always have an overview! We wish you with this todo (task management) application on your iphone and ipad much fun! with apple love by Jonathan Schneider Roadmap: - IOS Notifications - Desktop App / WebApp


  "app": {
    "urls": [""],
    "launch": {"web_url": ""}
  "update_url": "",
  "description": "ToDo Nothing is a App that lets you manage your tasks simple. The simple app allows you a quick overview of your tasks get.",
  "name": "ToDo Nothing",
  "icons": {"128": "icon_128.png"},
  "manifest_version": 2,
  "version": "1.0"


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