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插件介绍:The best way to keep up with college football.

详细介绍:No matter when or where you are, we are here to make sure you stay up to date with the NCAA FB! Follow all the NCAA FB news with SportFusion’s College Football News Chrome app and discover a new way to be in the know. Read the latest news and follow live scoreboard updates during the matches. What you get in SportFusion’s College Football News Chrome app: • Real-time news section sorted by importance for NCAA FB fans • ‘More-Coverage’ feature allows you read a news item from several news publications • Live scoreboard - follow the NCAA FB & NFL matches live. Never miss a touchdown! • Easily share news items via email or via Twitter & Facebook integration • Time Perspectives - Missed the news yesterday? Was too busy at work to catch up? We got you covered! Press the time perspective buttons to get a 24 hours / 7 days back news summary, all sorted by their importance. Never miss an important story again! SportFusion’s College Football News app is also available for Android & iOS :


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