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插件介绍:Newsstand | Techno, Fashion & Business

详细介绍:The Best way to access our Magazines. We ensure that we provide you pointed service of displaying magazine. Having the app across every platform, so that no body ain't missing us no matter whatever the device may be. Current magazines : Glueping | Europe-Asia Edition | The only Magazine, entirely concentrating in depth on multiple aspects of Technology. Clothing | India Edition | The only Magazine, entirely concentrating on Cloth industry at market. Finiup | The only Magazine, entirely concentrating in depth on multiple aspects of startups. Happy Reading ahead !


"update_url": "",
"manifest_version": 2,
  "name": "Magpoke | Richiesoft Newsstand",
  "description": "Newsstand | Techno, Fashion & Business",
  "permissions": ["gcm", "storage", "notifications", "identity", "browser"],
  "version": "5.0",
  "app": {
    "background": {
      "scripts": ["OneSignal.js", "background.js"]
  "app": {
    "urls": [
    "launch": {
      "web_url": ""
  "icons": {
    "128": "icon_128.png"
  "permissions": [


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