Pocket Legends

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更新时间:2016-11-28 19:26:22

插件评分:评分 4.66861,满分5星

插件作者:Spacetime Studios




官方链接: http://pocketlegends.com



语言支持: English,

插件介绍:Launch Arrows, Hurl Fireballs, And Swing A Mighty Axe! Explore the fantasy themed desktop and mobile MMO Pocket Legends for FREE!

详细介绍:"Humanity’s Productivity is in Serious Danger!" - GamePro Get the critically acclaimed 'pick up and play' format Mobile MMO for FREE! Pocket Legends is a groundbreaking 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). In this vast online world, you'll join millions of players from around the world on wild adventures in creepy dungeons, frigid mountain peaks, and steamy swamps. Grab your enchanted bow and frosty chain armor and save the world of Alterra from zombies, crocs, aliens, and more! WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE? Will you fight toe-to-toe as a mighty Ursan warrior, launch arrows from a distance as an keen Avian archer, or hurl mystical fireballs as an arcane Elven enchantress? You'll also get to choose and develop your favorite abilities. Game Features: - Real-time, 3D MMORPG - Character creation, customization, and advancement - Thousands of items, weapons, armor, and equipment - Play same game on Android mobile phone - Countless hours of gameplay If you enjoy Pocket Legends, you may also enjoy our sci fi themed MMO title, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles!


"update_url": "https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx",

	"name": "Pocket Legends",
	"description": "Launch Arrows, Hurl Fireballs, And Swing A Mighty Axe! Explore the fantasy themed desktop and mobile MMO Pocket Legends for FREE!",
	"version": "",
	"manifest_version": 2,
	"minimum_chrome_version": "44",
	"app": {
		"urls": [
		"launch": {
			"web_url": "http://account.spacetimestudios.com/pocketlegends"
	"icons": {
		"128": "icon_128.png"
	"permissions": [
	"requirements": {
		"3D": {
			"features": ["css3d", "webgl"]


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