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插件介绍:Play Chess in incredible 3D today! Play against friends worldwide online or against computer! With High Definition graphics.

详细介绍:Play Chess in incredible 3D today! With great graphics. Play in Classic 2D or 3D Play against friends worldwide online or against computer! You can find online friends playing against you. With rating system, you can play against a fellow with comparable skills as yours. Should you find alone, play against computer! Save your game and load it later. With High Definition graphics.


"update_url": "",

	"manifest_version": 2,
	"name": "Chess Blitz",
	"version": "1.8.6",
	"description": "Play Chess in incredible 3D today! Play against friends worldwide online or against computer! With High Definition graphics.",
	 "app": {
	    "launch": {
	      "web_url": ""
	"icons": { "16": "Icon16.png",
		   "32": "Icon32.png",
		   "48": "Icon48.png",
		   "64": "Icon64.png",
		   "96": "Icon96.png",
		   "128": "Icon128.png"


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