Arcane Legends

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插件介绍:Adventure unleashed! Explore the magical world of Arcane Legends with companions on desktop and mobile for FREE!

详细介绍:With millions of downloads worldwide, Arcane Legends is the most acclaimed Free-to-Play Action and Adventure MMORPG available on mobile devices! Explore a breathtaking Free-to-Play 3D Fantasy World with pets and friends in this award winning, online, multiplayer, MMORPG from Spacetime Studios, creators of the smash-hit Pocket Legends. Play now to create a custom character, adventure through a massive fantasy world, and quest alongside thousands of other players online. Your quests will take you and a trusty epic pet through darkly-lit taverns, majestic forests, and dank dungeons as you fight dragons, orcs, and other evil forces attempting to take hold of the kingdom of Arlor. The awards and accolades for Arcane Legends speak for themselves: *** "A Hack & Slash Home Run" – Forbes *** "10 best games for Smartphones" – Kotaku *** "Best of the Best" – MMORPG *** "One of the most impressive games we've seen in a long time" – Pocket Gamer *** "One of the best mobile MMORPG experiences you can find" - Touch Gen *** "As perfect a mobile adventure game as one could ask for" - New Gamer Nation Arcane Legends is a free 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Heroes can take the role of a deadly rogue with devastating bow and trap attacks, a mystical sorcerer that wields magical elemental fury and aids companions, or a hulking warrior with the valor of a knight and the strength of steel, to adventure through a vast fantasy world! Play online with friends, create or join a guild, and adventure with thousands of other players to experience fast-paced heroic action. As you fight enemies to destroy evil or battle in PvP, you will unlock special abilities for your character and find new pets that you can customize to suit your play style. Powered by the Spacetime Engine, allowing you to play with anyone, anywhere, anytime! Features: + An in-depth character creation system to customize your hero. + Unlock and customize class abilities as you level-up. + Collect and grow mystical pets that help you on quests. + Find thousands of legendary weapons and items. + Play in co-op or Solo Modes with PvE or PvP game mechanics. + Plays Across Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G or 4G Networks. Want More Info? Visit our Forum at


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	"name": "Arcane Legends",
	"description": "Adventure unleashed! Explore the magical world of Arcane Legends with companions on desktop and mobile for FREE!",
	"version": "",
	"manifest_version": 2,
	"minimum_chrome_version": "44",
	"app": {
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			"web_url": ""
	"icons": {
		"128": "icon_128.png"
	"permissions": [
	"requirements": {
		"3D": {
			"features": ["css3d", "webgl"]


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