The Outbreak

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插件介绍:So you think you know how to survive in a post apocalyptic world? Survive, build, trade and compete with other players.

详细介绍:The Outbreak is a free online strategic survival game. It is based in a post apocalyptic world, where you survived and managed to secure a location within Kansas. It has become a community, growing bigger and bigger till the point you can call it a town. This is where The Outbreak starts. You are the mayor of the town and it is your responsibility to keep it all going well. You have to provide the population with enough resources, you need to expand and you have to build an army to keep your town safe, or maybe you are an agressor and want an army to attack towns near your area. It is all up to you. Act and react on the problems a post apocalyptic town faces. More game info on: update 1-12-2015 ------------------------- - Each town starts with more buildings then usual, but less houses. - Mission of level one has been changed to 25 raw buildings instead of 20. - Food cost of population has been increased. - Cost increased for building on Acre's. - Cost increased for building at government locations. - Amount of defensive structures you can built at other locations has been decreased (Towers 40/ Bunkers 10). - Troops stationed at location now also consume firewood. - Towers on acre's or government location are now harder to destroy with mortars. - Fuel cost for transporting goods from your acres has been slightly increased. - Government missions now give reputation as a reward, which you can spent for different purposes as soon as you have collected more then 70. - When running low on food the homeless and refugees in your town will starve first, army will be highest priority. - Calculation of points has been reviewed, see the guide for more information. - All building are now limited to a maximum of 1000 buildings you can have in your town. - Concluding alliances now gives a income benefit to both towns, depending on the amount of population each town has, A town with a high population gives a bigger trading income bonus to the towns who has a alliance with that town. - When you have enough operation experience, you now immediatly gain a level and do not have to wait until the next tick. - Regional events now can occur on a random basis, effecting the whole region. Most events will also have a effect on the market prices, some events will not affect the lower towns. - You can now pick your own clan icon when creating a clan. Also the banner behind your icon is now adjustable. - Bandits will now try and retake acre's randomly in the area from time to time. Update 1-10-2015: - Players starting the game later will now receive extra resources to give them a more fair chance of achieving something. - Refineries now produce 100 fuel each tick - You can now manually increase you defcon level on the townhall page, costing operation energy. - Your defcon level now also affects your locations, protecting them against enemy operations. - When you are at war and someone send a peace offer, the town icons remain red until peace is accepted. - You can now decline a peace offer. - Formula for overbuilt modifier changed, 8 extra buildings each level instead of 6. - You now receive a extra reward every level gained. - Highest townlevel has been increased to 36 - When reaching level 36 you can now perform research on new techonologies. - When multiple attack convoys of your town or locations reach a similar target, you can merge them into a single convoy before you attack. - Passive operation outcome reviewed and more randomized. - 'Scavange goods' operation new possible outcomes added - Towns get automatically resigned after 7 days instead of 5 update 1-8-2015: - Collecting goods from Acres will now cost fuel. - When your town does not have enough fuel, resources will not be collected that tick. But the code will also not deduct the fuel needed to collect the resources but instead safe it for your town. When fuel reaches the needed amout of fuel again, resources will be collected once more. When you own mutiple Acres the code will try to collect as much resources as possible until you run out of Fuel. - The Farther away a acre is located from your town, the more fuel it will cost to collect its resources. - The more production buildings you have on your Acre, the more fuel it will cost to collect all resources. - On the info page of your acre you can see how much fuel it cost each tick to collect the resources of that acre. - Amount of Acres has been increased to 100. - We have decreased the round lenght to 1 Month instead of 2. - We have created separate area's for beginners and experienced players. Beginners can join the high level area if they wish to, but experienced players cannot join beginner area's. Update 1-6-2014: - Map size increased to 80 sectors. - Amount of Acres increased to 80. - Search function added on the map. - Clan limited increased to 10. - And many more!


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  "name": "The Outbreak",
  "short_name": "The Outbreak",
  "description": "So you think you know how to survive in a post apocalyptic world? Survive, build, trade and compete with other players.",
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	"version": "",
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